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General Terms and conditions


Tour Operator: Holland Golf Travel

Travel agreement: the (by phone/fax/e-mail/by letter) agreement to establish a travel organization towards its other party connects to provide an advance of organized trip that offered by him a stay or a period of more than 24 hours and includes at least two of the following services:

- Transport

- Stay

- Another, not ancillary to transport or accommodation related tourist service, which is a significant part of the journey.

The traveler is the counterpart of Holland Golf Travel, or the person to whose benefit the travel is stipulated and who has accepted that obligation, or the person to whom the legal relationship to Holland Golf Travel is transferred.
The following general conditions apply to all bookings at Holland Golf Travel. If different conditions apply for bookings of certain arrangements, this is explicitly mentioned in the relevant arrangement. Holland Golf Travel retains all price changes. Reservations are as defined in the package. The trip duration is indicated in the number of overnight stays.

Arrival and departure

All packages are defined, starting after 4 p.m. and ending at 10: 00 on the departure day according to arrangement, unless otherwise agreed. There can be no claim be made on the accommodation rather than the listed time. Will Holland Golf Travel strive to any wishes regarding arrival and departure times to meet.

Prices and surcharges

1. All mentioned prices are without obligation. As a result of holidays, fluctuating (season) rates and taxes are price changes possible. All mentioned prices are therefore expressly subject. This also applies to written and telephone quotes that you receive from us.

2. The published price is per person in euros, based on 2 persons in a double room (unless otherwise indicated). It understood the services and facilities such as relating to publication is mentioned.

3. Any tourist tax must be paid on the spot, because of regulations in the country of destination.

4. There is no travel and luggage insurance and/or cancellation insurance included in the by Holland Golf Travel published travel sums.

5. Holland Golf Travel cannot be held liable for obvious errors, imperfections, changes and errors in its publications.

6. All prices on the website or other publications are including VAT, where applicable.

7. the prices given on the website are mostly from prices. At the request of a particular arrangement will be the actual prices for the period in question be communicated.

Reservation and payment

1. The booking is made by telephone request or as soon as the reservation form by Holland Golf Travel is received (by fax/e-mail/per post). The offer of Holland Golf Travel is without obligation and can be revoked by this as needed, however this shall, within 72 hours after acceptance by the traveler. The travel agreement is negotiated by Holland Golf Travel confirmed in writing or by e-mail. If an amount of € 25,-reservation fee is one-time, will be charged.

2. Another person on behalf of or for the benefit of a travel agreement (Booker) is severally liable for all obligations arising from the agreement. All correspondence is conducted via the address of the main Booker. Changes and cancellations must be notified in writing by the lead booking name.

3. Should confirmation not later than 10 days after receipt of a deposit of 35% of the arrangement price or full rental amount on the bank account number to be credited of Holland Golf Travel. This applies to all reservations whether or not on the basis of own transport.

4. The remainder of the price to be paid shall, not later than 6 weeks before departure to the bank account of Holland Golf Travel to be credited.

5. When booking less than 8 weeks before departure must be paid the entire price of suddenly.

6. When not timely payment may after summation and after the expiry of the period prescribed in the summation the travel contract be terminated by or on behalf of Holland Golf Travel. Holland Golf Travel brings than cancellation fees as defined in article "cancellation" of these terms into account.

7. For airline tickets ordered through Holland Golf Travel, the conditions of the relevant airlines worked.


1. Upon payment of (the remainder of) the price gets you the travel documents sent home with the necessary information regarding your trip.

2. The necessary travel documents will in the line between 10 and 5 days before departure in the possession of the traveler, or after full payment of the total price. Please check whether these are correct, in accordance with the arrangement.

3. If the voyage within 2 weeks of departure is posted (for example, travel documents and therefore should be sent expedited shipping) should the client for € 15,-per booking extra to pay.

4. The participant must upon departure and during the trip to be in possession of the documents required for the destination (tourist card, driver's license, passport or green card where permitted, etc.) If the participant or not can make the journey a whole roads lack of a document, with all the associated consequences for his account.

Change Fee

1. Any change in the established booking requires express written permission from Holland Golf Travel. For each change to a maximum of 6 weeks before the date of arrival in a reservation already made brings Holland Golf Travel an amount of EUR 50,-in account.

2. If changing your booking within 6 weeks of arrival are the cancellation provisions of article Cancellations shall apply.

Number of persons

1. The traveler provides Holland Golf Travel before or no later than at the time of conclusion of the travel contract all data about himself and he notified travelers that may be of interest for the conclusion or the execution of the agreement. Also he mentions details of the capacity or the composition of the group by him notified travelers that are important for the proper execution of the journey through Holland Golf Travel.

2. The maximum number of persons agreed that in a room of concerning accommodation should not be exceeded, unless expressly agreed overnight with Holland Golf Travel, which may be accompanied with additional costs. Holland Golf Travel reserves the right to terminate the agreement immediately in negligence without any costs or compensation.

3. If one or a part of the notified travelers to take part to the trip is prevented from attending, may be replaced this traveler (s) by another person or by other persons. Should the other person (s) to comply with all conditions attached to the trip agreement.

Cancellation by the traveler

If an agreement is cancelled, for every passenger in addition to the reservation fees owed cancellation costs.If a trip is composed of various components, running different cancellation provisions apply, apply per part the specific applicable provisions.If cancelled after the booking and first payment, 10% of the ticket price.If cancelled up to 6 weeks before the day of departure 35% of the ticket price.In case of cancellation from 4 weeks to the day of departure or later, the full priceFor premature termination of the stay remains the full price payableIf the remaining traveler (s) a new travel contract for the same period and the same accommodation, be for the remaining traveler (s) receive cancellation charges deducted from the new price (men)

Cancellation by the tour operator

If Holland Golf Travel by circumstances outside its own debt, forced to cancel a reservation (for example, when Holland Golf Travel service providers prove negligent-enabled), the customer will be offered a different arrangement. If this is not possible the price already paid will be paid back, removing any other damages or compensation is excluded.


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